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Learn Digital Marketing in 2018 – What is Digital Marketing? Where to Start From?

Where to learn digital marketing in 2018’s Digital World?

That’s indeed a big and a very common question right now.

learn digital marketing search on google

Another big question is What is Digital Marketing?

learn digital marketing what is digital marketing

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The first thing that comes to the mind is going to a college.

If I were you, I would never ever go to the college.

It’s the last place I would go to learn digital marketing.

Following are the major reasons I would never ever go to a college to learn digital marketing:

  • All the textbooks are outdated.
  • Professors who teach there have never really done themselves practically (most of the times).

If you go out in a college and ask the teachers around this question: What have you done in digital marketing & which companies have you helped grow their business?

Their answer would be (most of the times): Ahhh, I actually haven’t done that kind of work; however, I have taught for most of my life & career.

But honestly, that doesn’t help because they haven’t done anything practical and they don’t have in field experience.

So let’s suppose, if I wanna learn digital marketing, I would go and read articles on blogs like Backlinko, Search Engine Land, Moz, Neil Patel’s blog, and free guides like digital marketing blog.

I would go read a few articles and take those articles and implement what I have learned on my own website.

learn digital marketing

Now let me tell you WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING???

But before we jump into “what is digital marketing” let me make this clear to you that you only need 3 things to become an expert Digital Marketer:

1. A computer / Laptop / Digital device

2. A good internet connection.

3. A little bit of brain

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s not a rocket science trust me… The reason I am gonna say what I am gonna say in this basic definition is that people who are reading this article come from different backgrounds over here.

Not everyone knows marketing especially when it comes to Digital Marketing.

I get a lot of people asking me questions on even Instagram saying:

“Sir, what is digital marketing?”

“Bro, can you teach me digital marketing?”

“Interested in digital marketing”

I get lot of questions like that on my Instagram DMs. When I give them the FREE Guide they are so happy that they even appreciate my content and posts.

See the images below which are screenshots from my Instagram DMs @digitalpratik

what is digital marketing

So we would be starting from the scratch. So what is Digital Marketing????

  • When you do marketing online using digital devices like computers, tablets, mobile phones or any other digital device it is known as digital marketing.

Well a lot of people ask me this question that do they need to know coding and have technical knowledge???? The answer is NO…

I am a 3 times, proud drop out BY CHOICE from the final year of Engineering college & a very proud owner of this blog + www.DigitalPratik.com + my own YouTube channel + currently I am also the Product Manager of Digiperform.

If I can do this, YOU CAN TOO

The only thing you need to know is how to market or promote stuff online via several different ways… And that is what I am gonna make you learn in the best possible manner from my side. However, success ratios will vary for all because your success will be measured upon HOW MUCH YOU APPLY after learning digital marketing.

Just take an example of 1000 students who graduate from MBA college.

How many of them are earning good? Forget that, how many of them are even getting a job?

So my point is you have to APPLY and be very clear about the basics.

And you can do that by actually doing digital marketing. It’s all about being a practitioner.

So what is marketing???? It is knowing people’s want and then we develop that product or service and then we reach out to our target market or audience via different communications….

So let me give you 9 key steps:

  1. Know what your customers are looking for. What are their problems?
  2. Develop a very high quality service or product or anything which can solve their problem.
  3. Promote your product or service to people who are genuinely interested in getting the solution.
  4. Communicate with them via various different social media platforms if required.
  5. Increase your brand awareness by serving other people on social media. Because the more people know you and your solutions, the better they will trust you. Provided your solution is of high quality and something unique.
  6. Sales and conversion.
  7. Tracking your performance.
  8. Optimising your performance.
  9. Rinse & Repeat.

So let’s move further with an example of an Entrepreneur (like me) who does digital marketing & various other activities around that.

First thing which you will have to do is get some online visibility.

So in traditional marketing if you take an example of an entrepreneur who wants to do digital marketingthen he/she will try to locate a place where lot of people can access see a banner of his/her digital services.

Same is the case with Digital Marketing.

You have to identify various platforms and then target those platforms for your products (services).

So the first step is increasing your visibility by having a website, writing a blog, social media profile, video on YouTube, image on Instagram, tweeting, participating in LinkedIn groups etc…

Basically any digital platform where you can showcase your business.

So you increase visibility before you go for sales… And to increase visibility you have to serve your community.

By serving I mean, you need to provide some FREE value.

It can anything. A free ebook, 3 part video series, a 7 days free trial of a software or anything which relates your business and which can solve your visitor’s small problem.

Let’s say you want to get more leads and customers from Instagram related to digital marketing. Here’s an example of my Instagram account where I am doing the same and bringing traffic to this blog by first serving other people with value and motivating them every single day.

Remember one thing, nothing will happen over night.

digital pratik instagram for what is digital marketing

I am doing that same thing via my Facebook fan page where I already have 14k Likes now which is mentioned below:

digital pratik facebook for what is digital marketing

And there are various others ways, where you can get online visibility which you will learn later on. So don’t be impatient.

What should you do next after you have some VALUE for online visibility?

Next thing is bring targeted traffic.

Not just traffic. Targeted Potential Traffic.

Let me explain that with an example.

Let’s say you are selling laptops and you are showing your awesome design laptops to people who are interested in buying a washing machine.

What will happen? Will they buy? NOOOOOO…!!!!

You are indeed getting people (traffic) to see your product (laptop) but they are not potential targeted traffic because they are not at all interested in your product.

How do you bring targeted traffic? 

2 ways: Free (organic) & Paid (inorganic)

You will learn all the methods later on.

Just to give you an example here is a FREE method where I am sharing something on my Facebook and a few people are liking and a few are interested. So I have a mix of people. Some interested some not interested.

what is digital marketing

Below mentioned is an example of a PAID method which is a Facebook Ad which I am running to bring targeted people who are interested in digital marketing. (please don’t ask how to do that. you will learn that later)

what is digital marketing

Basically, I would say, the more you work on targeted traffic (and not just the number of likes and followers) the more your business will benefit.


After you have targeted people on your platform or content, make sure it is engaging. If that’s not appealing and not attractive, your targeted people will not even engage on your content and you will lose on your potential customer.

Click on those above 2 images of Free & Paid method to see what kind of engaging content I am talking about.

Now once you have people engaging on your content, you have to measure your performance.

Let me explain:

Assume that I am selling some latest antivirus software and I did my promotion like Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing & Email Marketing and  I made 100 sales. My marketing budget was Rs. 1,00,000 and I invested 30k, 30k, 40k on those 3 respectively which gave me Rs. 5,00,000 in revenue.

Assuming my other costs were around Rs. 1,00,000.

So I made a net profit of Rs. 3,00,000 which is awesome right???

No…. That’s simply good.

You spent Rs. 1,00,000 on 3 different marketing strategies and got 100 sales. But you still don’t know which strategy gave you more sales.

If you don’t know that, how can you scale your business from Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 50,00,000 ???

That is where Analytics (measurement) of your performance comes into picture. See the image below where I am showing my LIVE clicks and conversion ratio from one of my analytics platforms.

what is digital marketing

I am sending traffic to the same thing through 3 different platforms: Instagram, Twitter & Facebook Ad.

You can do that with various web analytics tools which you will learn in detail later on.

So this is just a 10,000 feet overview of digital marketing.

Now before you move any further do this:

Check out what Neil Patel has to say about the best way to learn online marketing:

If you watched the above video I am sure you know what you should be doing to become a successful digital marketer.

Let me make that simpler for you:

This is what you should be doing.

If you don’t have a website, go to WordPress.com or WordPress.org and get your hosting and start your own website.

Here’s a step by step guide for you to start your own website today.

Step 1: Buy a domain (Other similar words are book a domain, register a domain, purchase a domain, rent a domain)

Step 2: Get your hosting (Purchase, rent, or buy)

Step 3: Change Domain Name System (DNS)

Step 4: Install WordPress

That’s it… You can learn all of these 4 steps and start your own website today without purchasing any expensive course.

You must be wondering where to go after Step 4?

Don’t you worry. You can continue with Step 5 from the below mentioned 100% FREE Definitive Guide.

Simply click on the image below and scroll down to Step 5 over there.


It’s FREE to learn here!

You don’t have to have a coding bone in yourself to build a website.

Alright! So once you have your website done, take actionable steps from what you have read and learnt from those free blogs on digital marketing.

Knowledge is important. But what is more important is APPLICATION of that knowledge.

That is how you truly become a successful digital marketer.

Every single successful marketer out there is a practitioner.

They all have started successfully by practicing marketing knowledge on their own website.

To make money online via digital marketing you need to first learn and implement digital marketing by yourself. And most importantly, BE PATIENT! There is nothing like OverNight Success.

I don’t have a college degree and after leaving my college way back in 2010, this is 2017 as I am updating this article.

It has been a 7 years long digital journey for me.

So don’t try to compare yourself with anybody else.

Simply try to be better than what you were yesterday. Take one step at a time. Start small and then scale big.

Taking this to the further step, start subscribing to the top digital marketing blogs and follow their email tips on regular basis. (This is how I have learnt most of my digital journey and I am still the same)

Read their emails and go through what they are saying and apply those techniques on your own website.

It’s all about practicality.

The more you apply the more you will succeed in the field of digital marketing.

To make things simpler for you, here is a great list to kick start off for your digital marketing learning experience.

Subscribe to their blogs and make sure you go through their emails, videos and most importantly APPLY!

Share this important article with your friends who want to start their Digital Journey and have financial problems.

I love you, I appreciate you. God bless you & Stay awesome!!!